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Top 10 Signs this Transaction Won’t be Smooth Sailing

1. At 11 pm on the eve of the signing of your listing, your seller calls you with an epiphany about marketing their property

2. Client tells you he will close as soon as he receives his settlement. You ask the nature of the settlement. He replies: ???Disability??? you ask: ???How long have you been waiting???? he replies: ???Just a little over ten years.???

3. When your seller requests that every Saturday you pass out flyers at the local grocery store for 4 hours (confident this will sell the house)

4. You recommend your client paint the house a neutral color and they ask ???Are you available next week???

5. Your client entertains you with anecdotes about realtors he has sued.

6. Just after the signing of the listing your client mentions they will be leaving the country for the next 60 days.

7. A neighbor suggests you check the Megan????s Law Data Base concerning ???Creepy Pete.???

8. As the prospective buyer is leaving your vehicle you notice a recording device in his back pocket.

9. Your client can only meet with your prior to 6:30 am or after 10pm

10. Client assures you escrow will close just as soon as he is out of jail.

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