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Get rid of clutter and neutralize the home. Removing unnecessary furniture and painting rooms neutral colors will help potential buyers see themselves living in the home.

Homeowners also should put away personal items, such as jewelry and family photos.

Fix the obvious. Paint the peeling eaves, apply a fresh coat of paint to the interior and clean the carpet, especially if there are pets in the house.

Homes with dogs and/or cats immediately lose half the buyers on the market because of odors and allergies.

When the house is being shown, homeowners should leave and take their pets with them. Buyers do not want to feel like intruders by opening closets and cabinets.

Sprucing up flower boxes, adding new mulch, and trimming bushes are all recommended to increase curb appeal.

Rents increase as vacancies dry up

Despite the sluggish economy, average rents increased in all 82 markets tracked by Reis Inc., a
real estate data firm. Average rents are now at record levels in 74 of those markets and now
top $1,000 a month on average in 27 of them, including Miami, Seattle, San Diego, Chicago,
and Baltimore.Read the full story

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