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Reminder: California Consumers Entitled to a Free Credit Report once a Year!


California consumers can get a free copy of their credit reports once a year from the three nationwide companies that compile these financial profiles, Equifax, Experian and Trans Union.One way to make the most of this opportunity is to order a report from just one of the three credit bureaus, then wait four months to order a report from another and, four months later, order a report from the third credit bureau.? By repeating this process annually, you can monitor your credit report regularly, at no cost.?

Some key steps to cleaning up and repairing your credit include the following. Begin by taking action. Deliberate action over time can help repair your credit there is no quick fix.? Check your credit history by law you are entitled to a free credit report once every 12 months. Yoiu have the right to disput the incorrect information and have the file corrected. If an investigation does not resolve your dispute, you can ask the credit reporting agency to include a written statement about the disputed information in your file and have your notice included any time information from your file is furnished. Check out all the information at the Office of the Attorney General website!

SLO County OKs $1 million in contracts for sewer EIR


The Board of Supervisors approved nearly $1 million in engineering contracts. This is part of the effort to draft the report on the environmental impact that the construction of a sewer would have on several sites in the coastal community of Los Osos. The town of Los Osos relies almost entirely on septic systems to dispose of waste.

In October 2007 property owners overwhelmingly approved? a 127 million assessment to pay for a sewer. The total 4 million loan could start being repaid when the county starts selling bonds by September and property tax assessments will appear on the 2090-10 property tax bill.

Part of the $4 million loan will go toward conducting a survey and establish a plan to help disadvantaged property owners pay for the waste treatment plant. That plan is part of the county’s effort to secure a $10 million grant from the Department of Water Resources and State Water Quality Control Board to help offset the cost of the sewer for low-in-come property owners.

The Greening of SLO County

Have you heard of SLO Greenbuild? They?are a?non profit organization with a? a holistic approach to the design , construction, ?and operation of structures.? It has three primary goals. 1.Healthy living environments 2Resource conservation and 3.Energy efficiency. Consisting of local builders, architects, engineers, landscape architects and other?members of the community providing educational resources for anyone interested in learning how to incorporate greener building techniques into their project. Sample materials are available at the County of San Luis Obispo permit center. Anyone can sign up for a free peer review of their project by SLO Greenbuild. Peer review will incorporate suggestions and a check list for including green technology into a project.



The San Luis Obispo County Planning Department worked with the local chapter of the American?Institute ?of Architects, Workforce Housing Coalition, and the builders exchange to put on a design competiton?among local licensed?architects to come up with a well designed secondary dwelling. Ten winning home designs were chosen out of 29 submittals. Plans were then reviewed by structural engineers and energy consultants for compliance with codes, and then processed through the Building Department for plan check. Stock plans for a secondary dwelling will have reduced building permit ?fees as well.

The winning house plans will soon be available to the public at no charge (other than coping costs) for those properties who qualify for a secondary dwelling. Free house plans?must be used for secondary housing only. At this time this program is available to the residents of the incorporated areas of San Luis Obispo County.

Protecting the good life…Homeowners Insurance

Now you have found the home of your dreams be sure to protect it with the right homeowners insurance. Linda Osty 13yr+ Broker/Agent of Osty Insurance ?located in the Village of Arroy Grande explained why it’s important to contact an agent early in the process of buying a home . For most of us our home is the single largest investment we will ever make. Homeowners Insurance provides coverages for damage to your home and other structures on your property such as a shed or detached garage. In order to prevent surprises buyers should check the disclosures for insurance claims filed on the property you are purchasing especially within the last three years.??The agent will at least do a drive by inspection and there could even be a required interior inspection to see the condition and anything that might create a future claim. An example would be the roof. The roof is not leaking todays but it is not raining today! The?insurance inspection may also uncover? attractive nuisances such as concrete cracks where someone might trip and fall , or pool areas are they fenced or not and? do they have a pool? cover.

Unintentional acts are covered under personal liability. Have you heard of the Mike Tyson test? If you bite someone you are not covered. If your dog bites someone you are covered but only the 1st time.Finally in the event someone is injured on your property or you damage property that belongs to others you could be legally liable for the injury or damage. A homeowner policy provides personal and liability insurance to financially protect you should this ever occur.

Enjoy the benefits of Homeowners liability insurance even if you rent or own a condominium.If you rent or own you still need coverage for your household contents and personal belongings and personal liability.There are specific policies designed for those who rent or own condominiums.

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