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Top 10 Ways NOT to Sell your Home

1. Require a minimum of 72 hour written notice for all showings

2. During showings have all family members present and if possible neighbors.

3. Have all windows and draperies closed

4. Make sure at least 2 rooms are dead-bolted to prevent access.

5. Invite all friends and family to help price your home and determine that your property is worth at least 35% more than the last sale in the neighborhood (because said so)

6. For tenant occupied homes be sure tenants are present with a list of all malfunctioning items and grievances

7. Improve the atmosphere by have frequent “Fish-Fries” the night before showings

8. Demand no internet exposure, yard signs or advertising of any kind

9. Allowing teenagers to sleep in during showings and open houses

10. Have all pets present (You have 6 cats, but they smell like 4) and if possible 3 wet dogs.




Sellers want to know is it bad timing if they put their properties on the market during the holidays. Are buyers even looking? ?The answer is yes they are out there ?The reasons for the buyers being out there this time of year are sometimes due to career change ?job transfer, retirement, some boomers looking now for a second home to retire to later and in some cases unfortunately illness can force a sale or probate . There are ?investors and exchangers who have a definite time-line to adhere to to avoid taxes or penalties and require them to close a property this year.

?Timing is important and equally important and to help you net more from the sale of a home is to have the pest and property inspections done before you find a buyer. The advantage is that if there are problems it allows you time to correct them. You can control costs up to 50% by doing your own work, or select the contractor or handyman you want to use and use the materials you want to. The inspection report can minimizes the ???Surprises??? the buyer may uncover during their discovery period and reduces the contingency time. This may help eliminate the need to re-negotiate the contract or have the buyer cancel the escrow. Finally don????t forget your success or failure at the negotiating table requires a home that has a competitive position in the market it place and pricing is the key. Be sure that your home is priced right in this market it can make or brake the deal!

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